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The Complete Done-For-You Paid Ads & Performance Creative Solution For E-Commerce Brands

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Partners include...

UGC Production & Distribution

  • 500+ UGC pieces produced and shipped monthly
  • Global network of over 300+ vetted and trained creators
  • Native content delivered straight to your inbox every month
One of the biggest bottlenecks for brands is creative fatigue and the inability to acquire or produce enough user-generated content (UGC). And on top of all of that, by forcing you to go broader, ad platforms are now putting all of the pressure at the ad level.

That's where we come in. Our global network of over 300+ vetted and trained creators are ready to create content for your brand on demand.
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Content uploaded directly to Google Drive for review

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We'll select the perfect creators from our global network of vetted and trained creators.

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Once creators are approved, products are shipped out whilst scripting & strategy is underway.

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Products & script received and content shot by creators.

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Once assets are approved, sent to the organic and/or media buying team and launched. 

ad spend managed per year
trained global creators in our network
UGC videos produced and shipped each month

Monthly Management

  • Done-For-You TikTok, Meta & Google Ad Campaign Management
  • Done-For-You TikTok Shop & Creator Management
  • 7X Returns On Average For Brands We Partner With
If you haven’t already, it’s time to transition from conventional advertising and take advantage of exponential scaling opportunities through TikTok. 

Combined with Meta & Google ads, our expert team will create a bulletproof paid advertising strategy, produce creative that converts, craft compelling ad scripts, and deploy them so you don’t have to.

Scale with confidence, scale with us.
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Client Results

Supplement Brand

  • Over $669k revenue generated in 31 days
  • April - May 2024
  • TikTok Shop 
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Pet Brand

  • Revenue generated: $332k+
  • Ad Spend: $58.4k @ 5.7X ROAS
  • TikTok, Meta & Google 
  • May 2024
Untitled design (33).png

Sea Moss Brand

  • Over $400k revenue generated
  • January 2024
  • TikTok Shop
Untitled design (17).png

Footwear Brand

  • £45k revenue generated in 1 day
  • Total Launch Week ad spend: £13k
  • Total Launch Week revenue: £78k
  • ROAS: 6X (with TikTok Shop)
TDH - £45k Jan 1st 2024.png

Electronics Brand

  • Ad Spend: $304k
  • Revenue Generated $1.13mil
  • ROAS 3.72X
  • Sept - Dec '23 (Google)
Untitled design (22).png

Home Decor Brand

  • Ad Spend: $45k
  • Revenue Generated $105k
  • ROAS 2.3X
  • Sept - Dec '23 (Google)
Untitled design (23).png

Pet Brand

  • BFCM Ad Spend $23,738
  • BFCM Revenue: $99,701
  • BFCM ROAS: 4.2X
  • Nov '23: $400k Revenue Generated
TDH x BFCM '23.png

Apparel Brand

  • Ad spend $175k, Revenue $1.15M @ 6.6X ROAS
  • 88% increase in revenue
  • 9 Months (Sept '22 - July '23)

Jewellery Brand

  • Ad spend $11k, Revenue $42k in 7 days
  • 2023 YTD Ad Spend: $201,456
  • 2023 YTD Revenue: $708,888
  • 2023 YTD ROAS: 3.5X

Footwear Brand

  • 2023 year to date ad spend: £194.5K
  • 2023 year to date revenue generated: £662K
  • ROAS: 3.4X 

Jewellery Brand

  • Ad spend £32.5k, Revenue £116k @ 3.5X ROAS
  • 245% increase in orders
  • 36% increase in CR
  • March 1 - 31 '23

"Media buying in itself is now useless without the right ad creatives. Creative is the new targeting for 2024 and beyond."

Adam Masters - Managing Director

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